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What kind of products you sell?


At the factory, theater props, there are several lines of manufactured products such as:

  • Theatrical costumes of different areas including, the Ukrainian national costumes from all regions of Ukraine, stylized costumes (usovremenennye under Ukrainian), folk costumes all nars world (Russian, Hungarian, Belarusian, Gypsy, Spanish, etc.), Christmas costumes (Santa Claus, snowgirl, bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, etc.)

  • Uniforms for the various power structures and units (MOE, MIA, GEO, etc.).

  • Clothing for the stage (the curtain, harlequin, backstage, padugi, back), curtains on the windows and doors.

  • Stage equipment (winches theater manual and electric).

  • Armchair theatre.

  • Knitwear (child, household, shaped).


What is the minimum set of the order and what the minimum order amount?


In the factory there is no such thing as a minimal set of the order on theatrical costumes, because each individual costume so we can order from one unit, as in standard sizes, as well as on individual standards. As for jerseys are sewn from 5 units.

Accordingly, there is no minimum order amount.


What is theatrical rekvizit?


Props rather extensive concept. In our case, it suits, clothing for the stage, chairs, hoists.


What do you produce more than theatrical rekvizit?


In addition to theatrical props factory specializes in the manufacture of uniforms for various departments, such as the Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, GEO, etc, jerseys several directions, such as a children's nursery team jersey (vests, sliders, bonnets, overalls, pajamas, etc.) home jersey (shirts, shirts, underwear), shaped knitwear (sweaters, underwear), as well as corporate clothing and uniforms.


What kind of theatrical costumes you sew and what time frame do a job?


The factory produced various theatrical costumes:

  • Ukrainian folk costumes from all regions of Ukraine

  • Stylized costumes

  • Costumes of all the peoples of the world

  • Christmas Costumes

  • Children's Christmas Costumes

  • Costumes for leading and soloists

  • Tuxedos and tails

Order processing month and a half since the prepayment. Depending on the complexity of the order and number of ordered products.


What do I need to order and install the rekvizit? What are the deadlines?


To order clothing scene should give us the exact dimensions of its (the mirror scene) and select the fabric from which it is constructed.

There are two options - a velvet - a more expensive option, or rank She graduated cheaper fabric. Choose, so that we can calculate its value. Then come to us and choose a color scheme (if you can not come to the factory can send samples of fabrics by the carrier or by mail).

To book seats to choose the model and the material which they will be chipped, send us an e-mail or fax to plan your room, in order to correctly calculate the cost of seats (as in a row, how much will armrests, etc.) tissue samples can be sent you by mail or carrier if you can not come to the factory.

Then, between you and the factory is a contract you disburse your order and we will start manufacturing.

Production takes approximately a month - two, depending on the size of the stage and seating.


What's new in your range and that the plan to produce in the future?


We are working on individual orders, respectively, each order we have a new one. We are not repeated in the costumes, all orders and we have different and unique.

In connection with that plan to produce in the future - we do not plan, we are ready to take any order, we have to do all possibilities and new modern equipment, and first-rate professionals.


What kind of fabric you use when making costumes and clothing scene?


When sewing costumes and clothes scene using different fabrics as expensive and cheap. Enumerate all the tissues that are used will take a very long time, called the most basic and often used for clothing scenes - this is velvet and chin she graduated, curtain KRISTALON - nylon. For suits - velvet, gabardine, satin, stretch - atlas, krepsatin, organza, shirt fabric, kashibo, chiffon, scrawl.


How to contact you and talk to anyone about the order during its manufacture?


You can contact us by phone (057) 712-91-36 or (057) 752-02-33 - Marketing department.

Office manager will answer all your questions.


What is required in order to officially place an order?


To place an order at the factory must sign a contract in the event that cashless payment will be calculated.

Prepay the amount of the order or part thereof (not less than 60%). Approve the sketch, to give us the dimensions.

Upon receipt of products must take the signed agreement, power of attorney and certificate of VAT registration or a document that do not pay VAT (non-profit organization).

If you do not pick up goods at the warehouse, and we'll send it haulers, then advance should give us all required documents to us or drop them by fax (057) 712-91-36.



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