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Our factory offers the following types of mantle:

  • Professor's mantle

  • University mantle

  • Justice

  • Mantle Alumni

  • Mantle Masters

The kit comes with a cloak headdress - sorbonka.

Graduation ceremony - a unique event, which is not repeated. Upon delivery of the diploma, you deserve to feel the mood of the ceremony respectively.

Mantle for graduates Mantle for graduates

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Be worthy of yourself and your achievements!


Our factory offers academic robes for graduates (Mantle bachelors and master's mantle).


We understand how important the gown for you at the graduation ceremony, and therefore offer high quality service to provide gowns to order.

You have to look at the photographs elegantly through our clothes, which stress the importance of this long-awaited event.

We are happy to help you make the graduation ceremony memorable.

Mantle which are today preserved almost all the signs of medieval clothing. Students, bachelors and masters have always distinguished by the cut and decoration of their robes. This tradition has been preserved to this day. Doctor's gown has three velvet stripes on the sleeves, called chevrons, and complex, lined with velvet hood.

Mantle Women

Master mantle collar goes into the hood, while the Bachelor's mantle hood non-existent.

We heartily encourage you, dear graduates and you, dear teachers, feel the solemnity of the moment of the graduation ceremony, dressed in a robe, which we produce for you.

Materials and finishes - individual customer's request.

Sewing gowns - this is our specialty.



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