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National costumes


We offer the following types national costumes:

  • Ukrainian costume women's (shirt, korsetka, aprons, apron, pidtychka, blouse)

  • Ukrainian costume men's (scroll, shirt, trousers, hat, belt)

  • Ukrainian national costume girl's (shirt, vest, skirt, apron)

  • Ukrainian national costume boy's (shirt, trousers, hat, belt)

Ukrainian women's dresses Ukrainian man's costume

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Sewing national costumes - this is our specialty.

We sew costumes, taking into account the distinctive characteristics of each region of Ukraine, its traditions, and only his inherent color, reflected in the figure and color.


Buy Ukrainian costumes you are guaranteed quality tailoring, the authenticity of national colors, excluding costumed surrogates on Ukrainian folklore.

Buy national costume you can at our factory.

Upon customer request our designers and artists will help you create modern, stylized versions of Ukrainian costume.

Ukrainian national costume Ukrainian women's costume

You ask where to buy national costumes?

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