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The Factory of theatrical rekvizit produces various types of embroidery emblems on their canvases.

A special feature of our embroidery is that we can embroider large unlimited size area.

We provide embroidery emblems, flags, logos.

For law enforcement agencies and security organizations - chevrons, badges, shoulder plates, pennants, embroidered flags.

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Embroidery Emblem


Embroidery Emblem can be accomplished by several gold-colored metallic or viscose filament. As a rule, embroidery emblems performed on the satin or velvet.

Embroidered Emblem developed by the standards of heraldry become a family heirloom. Embroidered Emblem will be very bright and voluminous. Over the years, embroidered coat of arms does not lose the colors.

Embroidered Emblem of Ukraine on the natural velvet using the latest advances in technology embroidery will decorate any room in the office, and can also serve as an excellent gift to colleagues or superiors.

Embroidered Emblem of Ukraine

Embroidery emblem can be done on velvet, satin, etc., which can be obtyanut any office supplies, such as diary, folders, etc. Diary of an embroidered emblem will serve as an excellent gift to colleagues and partners


Embroidery flags


Flag used to refer to the owner. Initially, the flags were considered only as a symbol of state power. Currently, the flags are present in many aspects of our lives. Its flag is not only the cities and agencies, but commercial firms. Flag is considered as an element of corporate culture. Factory theater props carries sewing flags:

  • state

  • national

  • international

  • departmental

  • territorial (cities and towns)

  • corporate (businesses, associations, educational institutions, etc.)

  • officers (flags indicating the presence of certain officials)

  • of event (flags raised at the time of certain events and indicating that the event is happening at the moment)

Flag of Kharkiv

We provide embroidery on all types of flags: desktop and advertising flag, flags for the premises, street flags.

Embroidery flags - the most durable way of a logo, emblem or any other images on the fabric.

Embroidery on the flag during the operation will not lose brightness and color.

Embroidery of flags is made of high quality threads on all kinds of fabric: silk, polyester (100% polyester), satin, satin, velvet, etc.

Flag AIM

F.T.R. provides embroidery flags on modern German equipment in the shortest possible time. For embroidery flags you need only provide a mock-up of the flag in electronic form.

Flag with the emblem of Ukraine


Custom Embroidery


Our factory accepts individual orders for embroidery on any finished products - clothes, blankets, curtains.

Custom Embroidery your picture will give the brightness, reflect your personality. Embroidery custom made for modern equipment to embroider custom designs, logos of any complexity on any type of tissue.


Terry-cloth goods, woolen rugs, drapes and curtains, leather handbag will look different after applying decorative embroidery on the order. Theme, name, or a humorous embroidery on the order tablecloths, napkins, bags, t-shirts give exclusivity of any thing.


You can choose custom embroidery from our extensive database or submit your sketch. Embroidery on order can contain more than 10000 thousand stitches and be colorful and bright. You can order the embroidery not only finished products but also on the details of a cut, which is very convenient. Embroidery on order can be any kind netey, including gold and silver.


At our factory are working professionals. High quality software for embroidery machines provide excellent quality products.

Flag AIM Flag with Emblem



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