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Overall promotion of the preservation of cultural traditions and development of socio - cultural potential of Ukraine.


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Victory Parade-65 in costumes the Factory of Theatrical Rekvizit


The Kharkiv factory of theatrical rekvizit participated actively in the preparation of the celebration 65 th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and Victory Parade in Kharkov. More ...



Ensemble band-Vinnitsa Palace of children and young people in suits "F.T.R."




Our factory offers an extensive range of theatrical production, which is presented in the following categories:

  • Theatrical Production. Costumes: theater, national, folk, pop, carnival, New Year, genre, ball (dance)

  • Stage shoes: Shoes, boots, dzhazovki, hungarian

  • Towels and tablecloths

  • Clothes stage: Curtains, backstage, padugi, curtains, draperies interior

  • Room theater premises: Chairs, decorative drapes and panels, sound stage, lighting

  • Heraldry: Flags (corporate and national), banners, pennants

  • Mantle: Professorship, university, justice

  • Knitwear: Children's, theater, uniform, sports

  • Corporate clothing: For supermarkets, bars, medical institutions, banks, gas stations, service stations, etc.

  • Uniform: Trousers, jackets, shirts, coats, tunics, hats, etc.

  • Hats: Hat, cap below, hat, garland, kokoshnik, bandana

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Factory examines consumers' preferences, conducts regular surveys of economic and socio-demographic situation of the regions to provide an affordable product at a reasonable price for residents of each region.

Main priority F.T.R. - customer service. The factory developed and implemented customer service standards. In order to improve service levels to the needs of customers each month monitored compliance staff in the sale of theatrical production.


The Factory of theatrical rekvizit with each customer builds a system of individual relationships, which is the prerogative of a flexible economic approach in the context of long-term long-term cooperation.


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