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Carnival costumes | Factory of Theatrical Rekvizit

Carnival costumes


Our factory is engaged in manufacture and sale of carnival costumes wholesale and retail.

We offer various kinds of carnival costumes to order.

Carnival costumes will help you stand out on holiday, to please your friends, giving her the image of originality and wit.


Here you can pick up a costume yourself or your child to:

  • Halloween

  • corporate Holiday

  • formal event

  • for home parties or for matinee

And we will help make this choice easy as possible. And be sure of your style!

Carnival dress

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For children's fancy dress we'll give you a huge collection of popular and exclusive carnival costumes.


The range of costumes is unusually wide - from children's party in the schools, kindergartens and palaces of culture, to family reunions or private parties. Do not forget that as a child in the child's mind lay the main property rights - the imagination.

Sewing carnival costumes gives you and your child to push the boundaries of reality and get into a fairy tale in reality!

Carnival dress Carnival dress

You ask where to buy carnival costumes?

Welcome to the Factory of theatrical rekvizit


Hit around the original idea of carnival costumes, realizing its desired image


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