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Folk costumes


Our factory offer a wide range of costumes of all nations, in particular:

  • Russian woman's costume (sundress, blouse, scarf, dress, kokoshnik)

  • Russian men's national costume (shirt, pants, vest, belt)

  • Belarusian woman's costume (blouse, vest, skirt, apron, hat)

  • Belarusian men's national costume (shirt, pants, vest, belt)

  • Romany women's costume (skirt, blouse, shawl, scarf)

  • Gypsy costume (shirt, vest, pants, belt)

  • Spanish women's costume (dress, skirt, blouse, scarf)

  • Spanish men's suit (shirt, vest, pants, belt)

Tatar national costume Russian folk costume Gypsy costume

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Our costumes reflect the traditions and customs of the peoples of the world.


All nations have a national fashion, which we regard as a national dress.


We can also sew and Scottish kilt skirt, and peasant Russian national costume, and Belarusian national costume, and Japanese robe, kimono, and Jamaican, African skirts of magnificent colors.

Sewing folk costumes - this is our specialty.


Folk costumes of the world are often used for ethnic and cultural festivals, national festivals, weddings, in dance, for dolls representing a certain nationality, etc.


Folk costumes in the world are a powerful part of the overall image of the country, which reflects the identity of individual cultures and makes each country unique. This is - a great way to express themselves on a national scale.

Buy folk costume you can at our factory.


Currently, national costume used mainly as a scenic and theatrical rekvizit.

Russian folk costume


You ask where to buy folk costume?

Welcome to the Factory of theatrical rekvizit



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